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Exceptional Membership

The Corporate Facilities Council is the largest of IFMA's 16 councils and has become a destination of choice for members who are looking to network with others who provide facility management and other services for office settings, particularly headquarters and large campuses. Our members hold a wide variety
of positions in facilities management, are from 46 countries, and are actively engaged in supporting each other and the profession.


The mission of the council is to be the comprehensive network for knowledge and resource sharing for facility professionals responsible for headquarters, large campuses, and office environments.


Provide a forum to share knowledge, expertise, and resources to support and advance corporate facility professionals

Anticipate and deliver specific learning and networking opportunities through exclusive resources for the advancement of Corporate Facilities Council stakeholders

Create a dynamic experience that engages and inspires member participation and leadership

The Corporate Facilities Council will operate with integrity to achieve and fulfill its mission.

Extraordinary Support

The CFC has experienced sustained growth for several years because of its commitment to providing highly valuable education, industry research, timely information, and programs of exceptional quality. Pertinent topics have covered real estate consolidation, amenities standards, alternative officing solutions, sustainability, major move strategies, office chair selection, food service standards, templates for RFPs, and policies and training for defibrillator use, to name just a few.

The council offers its members value-added services in the form of educational and networking opportunities as well as support for your professional development.  As a marker of the Council's commitment, we have been awarded Council of the Year in 2008 and 2011. Watch this brief video of the 2011 award ceremony with comments from Past President Jeff Martin.

Please Join Us

Council dues are $55, in addition to your regular IFMA membership. Please follow this link to the main IFMA page to join IFMA and the Corporate Facilities Council.

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Fellow Council Members,

Two years ago when Alice Hogueisson became your president she had a perfect introduction.

“I've joined a long line of very talented, smart, and successful people who have held this role before me─because we know the value this council provides! Active volunteers and a participating membership make the CFC a great place to connect with fellow FMs . . . ”

I could not have said it any better, so thanks, Alice, for helping me to get started on the right foot and for your unsurpassed leadership.

It truly is an honor to serve as president of the Corporate Facilities Council, the largest in IFMA, which provides us the platform by which we can provide outstanding programs to our members (like this great website!). The board of directors is populated by notable FMs who have a passion for our profession, which makes the time we give to the organization both rewarding and pleasurable. I would ask you if you are also passionate about facilities and like to have fun, why not consider volunteering for one of our leadership positions? Tell us what you enjoy doing and we can find a spot for you.

Even if you don’t wish to volunteer, simply belonging and participating is a superb way to network, increase your knowledge base, and partake of a bank of resources you can count on. One quick story to that end: I had a project for which I had no resources and needed it completed in 6 weeks, an undertaking that would normally take 6 months. I contacted my local IFMA chapter and they, along with my council friends, were able to provide me a list of trusted vendors. From that list I was able to contract with several of them straight away and complete the project within the timeline. It just goes to show you—with the right contacts anything is possible.   

Your membership has its advantages! I encourage all of you to avail yourselves of all IFMA and your Corporate Facilities Council has to offer.

Best Wishes,

Steven R. Pons, CFM